Arts Festival “Morning star” 2017

Event Info

29 November - 03 December
16.00 h
Chitalishte “Nikola Vaptsarov”

The eighteenth International Arts Festival "Morning Star".


“Morning Star” Art Academy Association


Bansko Municipality

“Avrora – 2013” People’s Library

The International Arts Festival “Morning Star” has been held since 2008 and has already gained a reputation both at home and abroad. From 2010 it has gained international status and is one of the largest and most prestigious festivals in Bulgaria! Its main purpose is to provoke and promote the creativity of children, young people and adults in all types and genres of art. With every next edition the Arts Festival attracts thousands of participants and is gaining ever more popularity in Bulgaria!

The competition programme of the festival includes the following sections, styles and directions of art: folk session; ethno show (international groups); majorette; classic ballet; specific dances; sports; Latin American dancing; hip-hop (breakdance, street-dance and other); dance show (Show Dance); rhythmic gymnastics; a musical section that include: bandstand and pop signing, folklore singing and instrumental performances; Arts; Theatre.

For the first time ever, the International Festival of Arts "Morning Star" Bansko 2015 held an International Dance Conference.

The Programme of the conference included:

-         a presentation of the activities of CID - UNESCO and the first newly found section of the International Dance Council in Bulgaria;

-         the "Dance culture- pedagogy, psychology, creativity, art therapy" discussion;

-         master classes, concert performances;

-         the condition and development prospects of choreographic education in the field of extracurricular activities;

-         development of: jazz dancing, modern and contemporary dancing in the global culture;

-         hip hop styles and technique of execution;

-         dance vocabulary - typical dances and ethno-show;

-         Bulgarian folk dances - "Tradition and Modernity", stylized folklore;

acro dancing and cheerleading - similarities and differences; first time acquaintance with the styles of cheerleading; cheerleading development in Bulgaria with a tendency to join the International Federation of Cheerleading;


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